Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yes! Yes! Yes! My fracture is gone

I went in for a follow up xray & appointment with the orthopedic trauma specialist yesterday, & my foot fracture is entirely healed! Seriously, I cried. That's how happy I am. Six months later, & the fracture is finally, finally healed. That 5th metatarsal break can be wily, but the tendon has successfully pulled the bone back into place. (And, other details of anatomy that were way over my head, because I was too giddy about the news.)

I do have some wicked tendinitis right along the same spot (likely a result of some sort of pressure from the injury/recovery/what have you.) However, the treatment for the tendinitis is a two week regimen of Extra Strength Tylenol & Alleve to eliminate swelling. That, I can handle!

In six months, I've run once. I've gained six pounds. I've been miserable without the hit of cardio. My clothes don't fit as well. I can't eat all the fun stuff I used to. And, I just miss it. BUT, I'm on my way back!!!

My plan is to take it easy & focus on weights (limited cardio) for the next two weeks while I'm taking the Tylenol/Alleve. After that, I'll be walking, then *running*. I'm thinking of signing up for a 10K in March, depending on how I feel in the next month. YES!!!!!!!!!

And, just for giggles, and to demonstrate my extremely, extremely round hips that I developed during this six month hiatus, a return of ugly bathroom photos!

  • Scarf (my office is super chilly) - Laurie B? It's 10ish years old
  • Camel sweater - Loft
  • Cream tank - Loft
  • Jeans - Always Skinny (ha, ha, ha!), Gap
  • Boots - Vince Camuto? Gift from the husband
Life is good today, friends! :-)


  1. HURRAY!!!! That is AWESOME news!! :) Super cute boots, by the way :) You still look fab, and your hair is getting long!