Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Guess who ran 3/4 of a mile on Sunday? Yes, that would be me! So very, very excited that I'm not feeling pain (the swelling & pain in my foot is reduced to the point of a slight nagging feeling every now & again - not the distracting, "ouch" pain that it was a few weeks ago.) Bless you, orthopedic trauma guy!

And, this is why I run. Nothing gets me quite as sweaty (and red, with crazy awesome fly aways) as running. I have no idea why my shirt is so low in the picture. I promise that I had a sports bra on, and the ladies were covered, despite what the picture shows.

Life is good! Over the weekend, M experimented with pomegranate martinis, and we are mastering our holiday drink. Best.Drink.Ever. I think I might tell him that it needs more work, just so he'll make up another batch.

My office is still cold, & I am still forced to wear flats. Hence the scarves. And boots.

Yesterday's look:
Too dark to see the details. Photography fail. I was wearing my new Grandma sweater from the Gap, and it was ridiculously warm. And, apparently not very cute, according to my husband. ;-) That's okay, I'll take warmth over style these days.

Today's look:
Here's what I'm wearing:
  • Gray & white scarf - Jcrew
  • Black long cardigan - Loft
  • Gray jeweled tank - Jcrew
  • Jeans - Seven FAM. Not meant to be tucked into boots, but my jean choices are limited these days.
  • Black boots - Anne Klein/Macy's
  • Dorky face & bad photography skills - still here! :-)
I'm working hard to get my eating back in check. Yesterday was a pretty good day - I came in at 1430 calories, but wasn't able to work out. We closed on the refinance of our house, so I spent my workout time signing a stack of papers.

Here's what I ate:

  • Breakfast - 1/2 of an English muffin + egg + fruit & coffee
  • Lunch (met M for lunch before our signing) - 1/2 piece of bread, 1/2 of a panini, handful of fries. So pleased that I took the other half of my lunch to go, rather than inhaling it as usual. :-)
  • Snack - celery sticks with taziki sauce & an apple.
  • Dinner - roasted brussel sprouts & butternut squash + 2 bistro sized burgers (no buns)
I was pleased that I resisted the holiday beer that M was drinking last night. Now, I need to keep it up! It's getting to that time of year when there is food EVERYWHERE at work, at home, at gatherings, etc. I need to pick my splurges, and focus on good eating habits the majority of the time. So I can make room for my planned indulgences. You know, like pomegranate martinis!

For you: what's your favorite holiday food/splurge/drink (if you partake)? Do you wear scarves?


  1. That drink sounds incredible. I'm such a fan of scarves - I wear them almost every day in the winter!