Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Memorable moments of 2011

Yeah, I'm just a little late to the "2011 wrap up posts" thing. :-) Somehow with the holidays, and the kids on vacation, life got in the way. But, I'm running again, and I've officially signed up for a 10K (in March) & a 1/2 Marathon (in May). Of course, immediately after I registered & paid for the 1/2 marathon (Rock & Roll in Portland), I discovered one closer to my house, for much cheaper. So I may change my plans. We'll see. . .  Anyone else planning to run the Portland Rock & Roll?

2011 was a completely fabulous year. I started running, fell in love with it, had a ball with the family, and apparently became addicted to trips to Las Vegas. Evidence below.

Now (in no particular order), my Eleven Most Memorable Moments of the Year, because I'm cheesy like that:

  1. Running my first race! It was a 5K, and I looked pretty intense. :-)

2. My oldest son started Kindergarten. *tears*

3. I ran double digits (10 miles!) for the first time ever. I can't get it to rotate properly. Please forgive me. :-)

4. I broke a bone in my foot, and didn't run for just over six months. I gained 8 pounds, I was depressed, in a serious funk, and if you ask Michael, not too much fun to be around. ;-) I'm sure you don't need any photographic evidence of this.

5. The husband & I took my parents to Las Vegas for their 40th anniversary, and good times were had by all. As my dad says, he'll never forget the magic of the European pool at the Encore.  :-)

6. I went to Las Vegas with the girls, and even more fun was had. Las Vegas is a dangerous(ly fun) place!

On the plane, with my sis & BFF:

On our way to see Garth Brooks. Third row. I'm not even a country music fan, & I was *blown* away. It was the best concert I've ever been to in my life, no question. The guy is amazing live.

7. Just to wrap up all things Las Vegas related, the husband & I took one last getaway there in December. I was supposed to be doing a 1/2 marathon, but since that got scrapped & I was feeling sad, my parents watched the little peeps, and we had a spontaneous getaway. Spending time alone always reminds me why I married him. :-) Please excuse the awesome quality of this bathroom photo.
The drinks were so amazing at Okada, that I don't even remember this picture being taken. . . when I discovered it later, I laughed. Check out the *buzzed* face. :-) And why yes, I am so white that I'm actually glowing.

8. There was also this amazing summer day on the Oregon coast with the family. Seriously, best summer vacation day ever. (sandy boys = my two on the left + my nephews)
Followed by an amazing sunset, wine on the deck, and laughs all around.

9. My grandfather passed away, just shy of his 92nd birthday. It made me really appreciate all of the special time with my grandmother, who is 93 this year. She's a remarkable lady. On Thanksgiving with her four granddaughters. . .

10. We took our kids skiing in December, and our little guy actually went on a lift. Of course, he rocketed down the thing at full speed, and nearly wiped out an Escalade in the parking lot, but it's progress. He's totally fearless on the slopes. Not sure how I feel about that. He's the opposite of our older, much more conservative skier. ;-)

This is how Nick felt when we dropped him off at our lesson. (He didn't want to stay behind while everyone else skied the runs.)

Sam, rocking the greens & blues this ski season.

Me + Michael :-)

11. And, of course, getting cleared to run again that last week in December. I had my first post-injury run at the beach on my favorite trail & it was fabulous. I've missed it so much! Can't wait to be back with regular run reports. :-)

What about you? Most memorable moments of 2011? Let's hear them!


  1. Love seeing the year in recap like this. Memorable for me - moving to America, moving into our house and running a marathon!

  2. <3 you and your hubby are adorable! i spent the majority of 2011 marathon training, and i had the best run of my life on Christmas Eve - it was cold, drizzly, and I was out running 20 miles but everyone was so nice and i was in such a great mood that it made it the best!

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Vanessa - those are some pretty huge moments, for sure. :-)

    HHR - love the Christmas Eve run. I have SUCH good memories of this cold, rainy 12 mile run. (My longest ever!) I listened to this Adele song, suffered in the cold, but I was so dang proud of myself for finishing that every time I hear that song, it gives me a warm fuzzy. :-)