Friday, January 20, 2012

Five things Friday

I was too lazy to do a Three Things Thursday, so I'll go for five today. :-) Today is the official start of the weekend, & I'm giddy! Cabin fever is officially over & we can leave our house. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

  1. It has *finally* stopped snowing. And, we didn't lose power. I'm feeling lucky.
  2. I made it to the gym today - I did 75 minutes of cardio (60 minutes on the elliptical, since I was kind of treadmill-ed out from being trapped out my house this week, & 15 minutes of running, because I didn't feel like I was sweaty enough at the end of the elliptical session. I also lifted did arms + abs. I feel like a million bucks after my workout. I also took the kids to lunch & the pool - trying to get the wigglies out, after the cabin fever we've all had this week.
  3. I'm obsessed with playing Bejeweled. (If you've never tried it, go here.) My eyes are nearly crossed from playing so much. Must.Stop.
  4. I've been cooking a lot, being trapped at home and all. Here are a few great recipe suggestions - banana wheat germ muffins. Kid friendly, & relatively healthy. No butter involved. Who doesn't love pizza? Our traditional after skiing meal is pizza. We buy the 8 packs of Boboli pizza crusts from Costco, and everyone gets individual pizzas, customized with the toppings of their choice. Sam likes pepperoni & cheese, Nick prefers plain cheese, & I always make this Chicken, Red Grape, & Pesto pizza for the adults. Sounds weird, but it's fabulous. And, I wanted to make a kid-friendly pasta dish yesterday that was healthier than a standard macaroni & cheese, & tried this White Cheddar Chicken Pasta. Yum! It was a hit all around.
  5. Tomorrow Michael & I are having a date! We try & squeeze one in once/month, and it's never enough. No clue what we're doing, but it will be child-free. Yay!!!!
And, here are a few pictures of a walk Nick & I took in the snow yesterday. Why yes, I do have a cone-shaped head. I think that a snowflake made that strange streak on the bottom?

I fondly call this one Rudolph. Check out that glowing nose. . .

Okay, tips or suggestions for date night tomorrow? Normally I love making a fancy dinner at home (sans kids) & cracking open a bottle of wine. But, that's out. We've spent a bunch of quality time at home this week. We have about 4 hours alone. Also, any good recipes you've tried lately? I'm in the mood to try something new!


  1. it's so crazy to me that it's snowing there - it's in the 70's here! haha :) enjoy your date night, you deserve a fancy dinner ;-)

  2. If I had a date night, I'd go see movie! We haven't done that in FOREVER.