Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two milestones

We've had a ton of snow, so the kids have been home with me all week while I attempt to do conference calls and work. It's always an interesting experience to keep them entertained as Michael & I trade off meetings.

First up, good news! Two milestones for the week. . . One, I ran three miles without stopping! This was my goal and a requirement for kicking off my 1/2 marathon training plan. I did it yesterday (we won't discuss the child shouting for me to retrieve carrots for his snowman & how I had to hop off to deliver these extremely necessary items). Yeah! I know, three miles is not very impressive, but I'm slowly building my endurance after 6+ months without running.

And, the second milestone - on Monday, all four of us (me + Michael + Sam (our almost 6 year old) + Nick (our almost 5 year old) rode a ski lift together & skied down a run. May not sound like too much, but our long term goal has always been to instill a love of skiing in our kids, and eventually get to the point of taking family ski vacations. I'm not going to lie - teaching two small kids to ski is no small endeavor. I have sat through so very many ski lessons, packed more lunches, endured freezing rain for three hours while I stood at the foot of the magic carpet and cheered on novice skiers. The *TIME*, the money (seriously, $$$$), sliding off the road and hitting a snowbank because I'm a terrible snow driver, the potty accidents (it's hard to get all of those ski clothes off when you're 4 years old) and the lack of skiing Michael & I got to do is a little mind boggling. But, I feel like we've turned the corner! Our goal is a family ski vacation at Whistler next year.
A little look back:
Sam, at the mountain for the first time (just before his third birthday). (Don't worry - now that he skis real runs, he wears a helmet.)

Nick's first time at the mountain, about 2 1/2. Ditto the helmet.

Nick did not take to the snow right away. In fact, it wasn't until this year that he would even try the magic carpet. But, he's a fast learner & a constant surprise. He has absolutely no fear (and doesn't really understand the concept of stopping), so Michael & I are forever chasing him down the mountain. Sam, on the other hand, is Mr. Conservative. Taking the two of them on a run together is a study in contrast. ;-)

I ran just over three miles yesterday! Goals for today are strength training (abs & legs) + more running. I'd like to cross train, but we have six inches of snow & no plowed roads, so I'll be at home on the treadmill.

Yesterday was a great eating day. I usually struggle with snacking when I have an unexpected day at home, but I kept things under control.

Breakfast - coffee (lots of coffee) + an egg on a english muffin + fruit
Lunch - 1 piece of homemade chicken pesto pizza (it's amazing!), celery with tzatziki sauce, and a pear
Snack - handful of cashews + sliced red pepper with tzatziki sauce + a clementine
Dinner - 1 glass of wine and 1 mahi mahi taco with mango salsa

My weight has been holding super steady since the first of the year. I started 2012 at 150 pounds, and I'm at 149.6. I know, small change, but I'm happy to be back in the 140s again. Finally. :-) I'm eating well, working out, & the weight will come off. (I keep repeating this to myself.)

I have no pictures of my current, extremely glamorous at home/lounge around outfit. Instead, I'll leave you with one from last week.

What's the weather like near you? Snow? Sun? I'm just crossing my fingers that we don't lose power. Please, oh please don't let me be trapped in the house with two restless kids, no treadmill, & no power.

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  1. your hair is getting so long!! and CONGRATULATIONS on the 3 mile mark - I know that's a huge accomplishment, especially after 6 months of being side-lined. You're gonna do awesome at your half marathon :)