Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just my luck. . . and a giveaway!

Where does the time go? I've been sick with some sort of a cold/flu thing, & now I'm starting to panic about falling behind on my training plan. Luckily, I think I can add a week or two due to the race I signed up for, but I'm pretty Type A, and get all stressed out when I can't fit in my scheduled runs. Just ask Michael, who gets to suffer when I can't run.

And, speaking of not running, I had a series of unlucky events that interfered with my running last week:

  • On Tuesday (Valentine's Day) - I had just enough time to get home, squeeze in a fast run, shower & make it to my son's Valentine's party at school. I was in charge of one of the "activity" stations. I got home, & discovered that my water bottle spilled in my gym bag, & my shoes were SOAKED. I only own one pair of running shoes. That clearly needs to be remedied. Anyway, workout #1 cancelled.
  • On Wednesday - I went to the gym at lunch & started to run. Was feeling kind of light-headed & dicey, but pushed on. Made it to three miles, & was sweating like I just finished a marathon, & my hands were shaking. I got off the "mill", and had to sit on the ground for a few minutes to regroup. Drank a protein shake & ate a cheeseburger (I know - the combo of protein shake & cheeseburger just sounded right at the time) & it helped, but I still wasn't feeling great. Had to give myself a pep talk to change out of my running clothes. Actually contemplated returning to my office wearing my sweaty clothes, because just the idea of changing made me tired. Luckily, I did not do this.
  • On Friday - all pumped up, because I had time to do an outside run. Still not feeling 100%, so I chose a run that wouldn't be too hilly. This is no small feat in my neighborhood. Got my run on, and noticed LOTS of police around, which is super unusual. Then noticed lots of closed roads. President Obama was doing a fundraiser in my neighborhood, & virtually all of the roads were closed. This ended up being no bueno for me. The park (aka my potty/water stop) was closed, which resulted in me having some bathroom challenges. And, all of the roads back to my home (save one) were closed. My run ended up being MUCH hillier and longer than planned. I did survive, but called Michael & almost had him come to pick me up. He offered, but I decided that I couldn't quite be that lame & finished up.
So, in summary, three of my workouts either sucked or were cancelled due to: water spillage, illness, & the unlikely but true presidential motorcade/secret service. Life was rough. :-)

I did get in a great run on Sunday, thanks to my sister's boyfriend. He convinced me to run & it was the only time I've ever run more than a mile or so with someone. It was nice to have someone to chat with - this reminds me that I really do need to find a running group. As a PSA - I do not recommend two cups of coffee + no water + a bunch of wine the night before as the best pre-run fuel. Yikes.

I've been eating a ridiculous amount of comfort food this week (bagels with peanut butter, grilled cheese, etc) & not a lot of nutritious food. I've also been sleeping twelve hours/day and still want to nap under my desk. This just means that next week is destined to be better, right?! I need to get on the scale, but I'm a little scared. I'm going to force myself tomorrow.

Once again, you can barely see the picture, but here goes.

Violet shirt - Loft
Purple tank - Banana Republic
Skinny jeans - American Eagle
Black wedge sandals - Tory Burch

No lunch time run today due to meetings, but I'm going to run 5 miles tonight. On the treadmill. Hope it's not as painful as I'm envisioning. :-)

With that, what is the most random thing that's interfered with your run?

Have you ever had to add weeks to your training plan? What do you do when your sick & can't run?

And, on to the giveaway!

I'm giving away 10 packs of Clif Shot Blocks (Black Cherry Flavor) + Victoria's Secret body lotion & a lip gloss. Maybe some random other treats thrown in there. All you have to do is be a follower on the blog & comment to tell me any of the above questions, or your favorite long run fuel. I'll pick a winner at random next week!

ETA: Bonus entry - mention this on your blog, & add a comment letting me know for a bonus entry!


  1. i used to swear exclusively by shot blocks *black cherry is THE BEST hands down* but i'm a grown up now and can interchange them with gels. (ok i just force myself to, i much prefer shot blocks)

    it's probably not good but i typically work out even when i'm sick... i have to be pretty close to death to stop. :-/

    you look super cute in your pic!!

  2. If I miss a single workout (or maybe 2) on a plan I would just keep going. I guess if schedule permits I could repeat the week, but that hasn't happened to me yet!

  3. Oh man, you can't catch a break! You'll get back into it... I would say if you have the weeks to add, go ahead and add them. You'll be surprised how much fitness you maintain even after a bit of time off. Hope this week turns out better! :)

  4. :) I'm a follower! Tee-hee. I just posted about making my own long run fuel! I like to bring a salted rice mix...I know I sound like an ultra runner but I'm not!

  5. Ahh! Way to keep up with your runs even though they were a pain!

    The most random thing that's interfered with my runs was an actual RACE! I didn't know they were doing a dualthon one day and was surrounded by bikes and almost got run over. Lesson learned!

  6. I think missing a couple of runs is not going to derail the training plan. When I am sick with flu like stuff i skip runs. It just isn't worth it for me. If it is cold type symptoms I tend to try to do as much as possible still.

    Fun giveaway!

  7. Girl I am so glad you found me and now I found you. (That sounds creepy I guess lolz!).

    Anyways-I haven't been sick lately and couldn't run per say but I'm def injured often. I cross train like it's my job which has gotten me some serious PR's. Rest is key though when you are sick I think. You don't begin to lose running fitness for about 2-3 weeks and you can maintain through cross training for another couple.