Friday, February 24, 2012

Five things Friday

Oh yes, it's Friday! I'm so ready for the week to be wrapping up! :-)

Here are the five things that I'm loving this Friday.

  1. Free chocolate milk. My office stocks this in the cooler, and it's my new favorite post-workout snack. YUM.
  2. My new Fresh Sugar Rose lip balm. It was my free birthday gift from Sephora. What's not to love about free? It's been well established that I'm a lip gloss addict, but this is not too sticky. The sticky residue left behind from my lip gloss on glasses, etc is, shall we say, a pet peeve of Michael's. ;-)

3. Taquitos. Yes, taquitos. I missed National Margarita Day earlier in the week, but I plan to remedy that this weekend. And make some homemade taquitos. Make a giant batch & then freeze them. YUM.

4. I'm starting to think (okay, perhaps a more apt description is "fantasize" - it's a little cold & rainy here in Seattle) about summer trips. Our calendar is not 100% locked down, but I do know there will be another BFF girls Las Vegas trip on the horizon in July. No trip is complete without a cabana day:

Or, a trip to the food & beverage room for FREE CHAMPAGNE! And, the good stuff. ..  my favorite. Perrier Jouet. Drool.

Now I just need to con someone into watching the kiddos for a few days, so that Michael & I can also squeeze in a Las Vegas getaway. I'm willing to ship them direct to you. They are cute & reasonably sweet, as long as you have Legos, plenty of episodes of Scooby Doo, and gold fish crackers. And, they know how to rock a hat. . .

5. My little guy (Nick) is turning 5 in three weeks. I can't believe how quickly it's going by! I remember the day he was born VIVIDLY. :-) He's a St. Patrick's Day baby, so we're having a huge family bash at my parents house on St. Patrick's Day. Nick is seriously the most hilarious (and, wildly high maintenance) person I know. A day never goes by without him saying something that cracks me up. He is so excited for his birthday, & does not let me forget that it's coming up in less than a month! ;-) Some party planning will definitely be going down this weekend!

I made Michael take my picture this morning, & I'm pretty sure that I look like a balloon, so I took my own glam bathroom shot at work. Here are our two attempts. I swear that my sweater is not too tight, as it appears in the photos.

Cream tank - Loft
Brown sweater - Loft
Pearl necklace - Jcrew
Dark wash skinny jeans - Gap, Always Skinny (or, in this picture, not so much)
Boots - Vincent Camuto

I've finally managed to bring my eating back on track, and I had a moderately painful treadmill run last night. It was 30 minutes of chest burning & mild coughing, but I survived. Today I managed 4 miles of hills & felt much better. Hopefully that means that the cold is receding, because I'm hoping for a long run tomorrow!

And with that, go enter the giveaway if you haven't already! You know you want some running fuel & fun other assorted stuff. :-)

What are you up to this weekend? Are you thinking about summer vacations yet? Anything fun planned?


  1. your little one looks just like you!!!

    and you look skinny in both your pics, don't be silly. i love that outfit, so cute!!

  2. I think the sweater looks great! And those GAP jeans are the best... my favorite hands down. Funny story - last week I was putting my favorite pair on right out of the dryer and you know how they are always just a little *too* tight when they're freshly cleaned? And you have to do the whole squat/stretch them out thing? Well, I squatted a little toooo far and ripped a giant slit right near the crotch area... so yea, definitely stopped at the outlets last weekend for a new pair. Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Love the skinny jeans and boots look! I wish I could get away with that at work :(

  4. Those boots are awesome! Also, I love that you get free chocolate milk at work. :)