Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year & giveaway update

First up, if you haven't already entered the giveaway (running fuel & some fun beauty stuff from Victoria's Secret), go here. One bonus entry for anyone who mentions this on their blog - just add a comment to the post I linked to (the giveaway post) & let me know that you mentioned it.

Here's what I've been up to, workout wise, since Friday. I'm back on track with my training plan, & feeling good. Plan for tonight is 4 miles, with sprints interspersed, per my training plan. I'll need to run after the kids are in bed, as I have meetings all day at work.
  • Saturday - 8 mile run. The weather was cold, with a snow/rain mix, so that was about as much fun as you'd expect. ;-) I did the first mile on the treadmill, decided I couldn't hack 7 more on the 'mill, and went outside. I'd rather be cold than bored out of my skull. Pace was a little slower than I'd hoped, but I'm not sore after my run. I think I could have pushed it a bit harder.
  • Sunday - 60 minutes of cross training (elliptical) + arms & lots of stretching/foam rolling.
  • Monday - 25 minute run (treadmill) + 20 minutes on the elliptical + legs & abs
  • Tuesday - 4.5 mile hill run, outside. My lungs are still burning quite a bit when I start my runs, with that heavy feeling you get when you're not feeling 100%. I'm taking it slow & steady, hoping to be fully recovered asap! I'm also still coughing & a bit congested - fingers crossed that things are cleared up before my long run this weekend.
I am having some toe pain, so I'm not sure if I have an ingrown nail, my shoes aren't fitting properly, or if this is a leftover pain from walking A LONG way in ski boots (not the best choice) a few weeks ago. I definitely felt toe pain at the time, so I know that bruised my nail beds a bit. I'm going to try to soak my feet tonight & see if that helps.

My nutrition has been reasonably good, with the exception of yesterday. Due to the timing of my run, and work, I didn't eat until about an hour after my workout & I was famished. I ate my lunch & dinner calories in one fell swoop, and ate a ridiculous amount of gummy bears. Not exactly a super food, but pretty tasty. ;-) Win some/lose some.

I've been bored with the same old jeans/sweater routine, so I tried to mix things up today with a dress. Of course, after I pulled the car out of the garage this morning, I saw that it was snowing & had to change my shoes. Not sure the boots quite work with the dress, but I was running late.

  • Wine colored sweater - Loft
  • Silver necklace - Macy's
  • Dark wash jeans - Gap, Always Skinny
  • Black boots - Anne Klein, Macy's

  • Coral sweater - Loft
  • White  tank - Loft
  • Silver necklace - c/o Michael
  • Jeans - American Eagle, Skinny
  • Bad hair - because I didn't want to wash it before my run. aka - total laziness.


  • Black sweater (can't tell, given my amazing photography skills, but this has cute gold buttons) - Jcrew
  • Turquoise dress - Forever 21. This is a summer dress, that I pulled out of the closet this morning, because I just wanted the color
  • Black ribbed tights - Loft
  • Black boots - Macy's
Questions for you:
What is the weather like in your area?

Have you ever had toe pain? Was it a shoe issue? Nails? Did soaking help?

I have my 15K in a little over two weeks - can't wait! Are you currently training for any events?


  1. Cutest outfits!!!

    I've been posting about the weather in my is nasty right now!

  2. Today it is 61*F!!!! Which is so exciting. I already ran this morning but might have to squeeze in another run this morning to enjoy the weather.

  3. Sara - jealous!!!!!

    Taryn - you win with that crazy snow. ;-)

  4. Great job on the 8 mile run! If you're having toe pain, maybe try trimming everything back and see if it helps? It's easy enough to try. :)