Monday, April 1, 2013

Must stop eating Easter candy

First of all, we had a fabulous, fabulous weekend at the beach. Typically in March, you're in for cold & wet weather at the coast, with (if you're lucky) some sun breaks. Instead, we got this:

The kids did this:

They were also pretty tuckered out after all that fun, so there was a little resting on the couch and napping in the car, as well. Easter egg glasses-optional.

I did manage to get out for one lonely run, and it was stunning. I even brought my phone so I could stop & take pictures. A gorgeous, gorgeous day for a run.

I had big plans to run 7 miles on Saturday, but instead I spent the day at the beach with my cute husband, watching the kids frolic in the sand. All was not lost, I did manage to bike to town with the kiddos in search of ice cream. ;-)

And, it's only fair to say that shortly after that picture was taken, I got a wicked, wicked sunburn on my chest.  I didn't even think to bring the sunblock - in March!

Now that I've inhaled a ton of Easter candy, it's time to dust myself off and focus on my training plan once again. Michael's traveling a lot over the course of the next few weeks, so I need to be especially disciplined with my schedule - there's no opportunity to find another time to workout if I sleep through my alarm.

  • Monday - Run around 6:30 or 7:00. 3-4 miles on the 'mill.
  • Tuesday - Run 5 miles in the morning + power yoga
  • Wednesday - Cross train in the morning + arms
  • Thursday - Speed repeats in the morning + pilates
  • Friday - Cross train + arms
  • Saturday - 4 miler + legs
  • Sunday - 9 miler + power yoga

Did you overindulge over Easter? Favorite Easter candy? Cadbury mini eggs!! How was the weather for you over the weekend?


  1. I was good about Easter candy this year :) That's not always the case.
    This weekend we were in Laughlin, NV for a half-marathon and the weather was sunny and hot, hot, hot! Good thing we intended to spend a lot of time by the pool :)

    1. You rock! And, a half marathon for Easter sounds pretty great. . . As does lounging by the pool!

  2. I was not good about Easter candy, of course I have been inhaling jellybeans for about 2 months now.. time to stop!

    1. I'm with you - I was okay until the last week, but once the dam broke, it's like my first time eating candy. I've eaten everything. I'm thinking of doing a week long sugar cleanse. No other changes to my eating, just avoiding sugar. A week isn't too long - surely I can do it! :-)

  3. I actually managed to stay away from Easter candy BUT I did not manage to stay away from chips, pretzels, etc. Salty foods are my weakness. And I've been having WAY too much of them lately. Time to clean that up!

    1. I love both, & when I run a lot, I crave sugar. Sadly, I haven't been running a lot to erase the damage. We had chips at Easter, & I never eat chips, but I ate a bag of Cheetos. Oh so healthy! ;-)