Thursday, April 11, 2013

Do you ever have those days

when you feel not so good about yourself?

I've had a hard time balancing work (it's crazy - I took over for a coworker who left, & my workload has doubled) & working out. We ate out a lot when my parents watched the boys (a few days of bliss, followed by me missing them terribly). :-) I haven't been getting any sleep due to the construction happening outside my house (picture an overpass being built about 35 feet from your bedroom window - the work happens 24x7). I'm exhausted, & the sleep deprivation has been foiling my morning workout plans.

Today I was in a crazy funk where I felt very chubby & out of shape. And, quite frankly, freaked out about my half marathon that's in four weeks - that I haven't been consistently training for.

I managed to squeeze in one mile of sprints on the treadmill by bribing my children with chicken nuggets (yes, I have no shame), before they broke into a wrestling match. I ate a healthy salad for dinner, & was contemplating finishing the rest of my run after the kiddos go to bed.

And then I got this from my sister, from our vacation three years ago. . . just when you feel like you haven't made any progress in your fitness journey.

Oh.My.Goodness. And, no, I'm not pregnant, contrary to what the photo reveals.

Now I run half marathons, & weigh 35 pounds less. Even on a day like today, when I'm not feeling my best, I'm trying to remind myself that I've changed my life. I may not be perfect, or as thin as I want to be, or run as much as I want, but I am a different person - I take care of myself, I work out, & I eat well (within reason - I won't quit you, wine!).

I needed that today! And, as soon as Curious George is over, I'm going to go finish my sprint intervals on the treadmill. Half marathon in 4 weeks - I can DO THIS!


  1. YES YOU CAN! and boy you have sure come a longggg way. Be proud of that!

  2. Rock on with your BAD SELF! That's such an awesome transformation! You are so right that you have to keep what you are feeling for one moment or one day in perspective and in the context of what you've been doing for a long time!
    You're going to rock the half!

  3. You can do it! I have to bribe my kids sometimes too, I think only boring mothers don't resort to bribery when desperate ;) You look so great in the second photo, great job with all your hard work!

  4. oh girl, we all have those days. you truly are an inspiration! and the progress you've made is freaking amazing!! <3

  5. I'm renaming my large and uncomfortable days to "crazy funk" days. You look awesome!

    I once threw a bag of M&M's down the stairs so my kids would stay quiet for just a little while longer....parenting is hard! They all turned out just fine.

  6. I bribe my kid with Elmo so I can run on the treadmill and when we go with the stroller, she gets Oreos to buy her silence. You do what you have to get it done :)

  7. Holy Moly my friend.... you look AWESOME! Just hopped over to your blog and wasted a while looking through your pictures. Dedication definitely shows off with your running (my story is very similar from my heavy days about 5 years ago!) and your boys are adorable! I secretly hope I get another boy as I LOVE being a boy-momma! Anyway, hope you'll stop by and follow back as I can always use advice from mommas with boys older than my Drew! Plus, you're a runner momma so we have to be friends. :)