Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Running is my therapy

I haven't posted in a week or so, because, while I'm sure it would have been thrilling for you to read about how I was sick (Monday), then still sick (Tuesday), then freaking out because I was still sick & not feeling like running (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday), I think I just summed up last week relatively well. :-)

Do you know what I was reminded of during my spell of non-running last week? Running is my therapy. No, it really is. It's my time to think through challenges, brainstorm ideas, zone out, & somehow just the act of running keeps my stress under control. Every person in my family is aware when I'm able to run, because I'm just a happier, saner, more balanced person. And, the opposite when I'm not running. ;-)

Life in general is stressful with the daily challenges of managing the household, work, the kids, Michael's schedule, & all that goes with it. Adding to that, lately my older son has been struggling at school, & we don't have a great handle on what's going on. Two things I've learned from that. 1) Nothing is as frustrating as wanting to help your child and not knowing how. 2) Nothing makes me more upset or stressed out than knowing that my child is feeling unsuccessful & hurting & not knowing what to do. We'll be doing additional testing to find out best methods to help him succeed, but right now, every day I cross my fingers & say a little prayer on my drive to school that he's had a good day. This parenting thing is a lot harder than they let on.

Deep thoughts aside, here are a few ugly bathroom pictures.

Yesterday - I ended up putting this skirt in the recycle pile at the end of the day, because it hits my hips in an unflattering way. So, this ugly bathroom picture was the last hurrah. Most comfortable wedge sandals ever - Jeffrey Campbell.

Today, wearing an old American Eagle tank top, with my new Babeau (courtesy of Ross) sweater, Nordstrom Brass Plum jeans, & black wedge sandals.

Also, since I had all this free time on my hands this weekend (taper + being sick), I finally got a hair cut!

I do believe that, 18 months after I started growing out my color, it's almost gone! Pardon the crazy eyes. ;-)
And, in minor running-related news, I'm running my first half on Sunday! Boom! Can't wait. Happy Mother's Day to me.

Give it to me straight -do you run for the stress management benefits? Other reasons? I love the way it makes me feel, & the tight(er) butt is nothing to sniff at, but oh, the stress management.


  1. your hair is getting so long now!! and you're lookin gooooood girl ;-)

    so excited for your first half, you're going to rock it!

  2. Good luck on Sunday! I hope you have a great run. I will be getting covered in Color at the Color Run!

  3. I don't realize how important running is for stress management until I CAN'T run...and then I got crazy! Good luck on your half this weekend!

  4. Glad you are feeling better:) I am so excited for you! You are going to have a great race this weekend! I hope everything works out with your son. It is so hard when your child is having a hard time and you don't know how to help. Just being there and him knowing you are there for him is sometimes the best you can do:)

  5. eeek I am so sorry you were sick and unable to run...I definitely share your love for running, my day is better with a run!
    GOOD LUCK in your upcoming half!! the 13.1 is currently my fav distance to race!! and maybe being sick was a blessing in disguise?! because now you are rested and ready to KICK booty!!

  6. I get sick during taper a lot. It must be normal!

  7. You've been sick???? Oh no! Are you feeling better? Running is totally what keeps me same so without it things get baaaaad! So I feel you! Happy Mothers Day and have a great weekend!