Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The best taper ever

I have no idea what a great taper looks like, but I'm 100% sure that I didn't have it. ;-) Since I'm done with my half & currently not running, I thought I would recap.

The Taper
Let's see, I got sick a couple of weeks ago. It started out as a cold, so I ran a little but took it easy. Then my older son got sick. Then my husband. Then Michael left for Dallas for a week, & my younger son got pneumonia. Meanwhile, I'm still sick. So, to sum up the last few weeks of my training plan, I barely ran, stayed home with sick kids (and my sick self), ate goldfish crackers on the sofa, & watched Criminal Minds. Except, watching Criminal Minds when I'm at home by myself freaks me out. And, I probably shouldn't have bought ten bags of goldfish crackers when they were on sale last week. Because, those cupcake flavored ones are too good. I possibly ate an entire bag at work yesterday. Maybe?

Adding to the fun, our offices were moving, & I had to pack. Even though I was at home with my little sickie. I took him to the office bright & early, & he joined me for my ugly bathroom picture.

I'm wearing Gap skinny jeans + a top from the Loft. Nick is wearing Children's Place, & his favorite orange skeleton hoodie. He's trendy, yo. ;-) Actually, a secret about Nick is that he has a St. Patrick's Day birthday, so he legit believes that all things St. Patrick's Day are really in honor of him. And, he wears green or St. Patrick's Day shirts basically every day. For real. I had to buy more, because laundry was becoming a bit of a problem.

Ugly Bathroom Photos
Meanwhile, our new office has no full-length mirror in the bathroom!!! The horror! How will I survive without my ugly bathroom photos? For Monday, you just get a half shot.

Skirt is BCBG. Note the new addition of a Lego Scuba diver sticker on my phone. And, my crazy bad hair & strange smile.

I would not be foiled by the missing mirror, so for the last two days, I've conned Michael into taking my picture before work.

Do you like our star charts on the wall? We use those to reward the boys for good behavior. Nothing wrong with a little well-placed bribe. ;-) Also of note, yesterday I was coughing a lot. And, I possibly coughed so hard that I peed myself. In a skirt. Yeah, it was all kinds of glamorous. This bronchitis thing can suck it!

Lately I feel like I've made very little progress with my weight. It's hard for me to notice small improvements. But, as I was uploading today's photo, I noticed that I've worn the purple sweater before (about a year ago) & blogged the picture.

Not only is my hair slightly improved (WTH is going on in that first picture?!), but I feel like I'm trimmer overall. Yeah for progress!!!

What's Next?
I don't think I'm going to be running the Seattle R&R (they wouldn't allow me to transfer my race registration from Portland to Seattle), and that weekend happens to be one of the only times we can head to the beach this summer. So, I'm currently planning my next race. For local ladies, totally open to suggestions! I'm considering the Tacoma Narrows Half on August 4th. I may try to add in a few shorter races as well (5K, 10K, 15K, whatever). Anything but a full marathon. ;-)

I'd also love to lose the last five lingering pounds. I'm headed to San Diego for Memorial Day with Michael next weekend to visit friends, so I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing a bikini. Maybe it's time to stop eating a bag of goldfish at a time? Perhaps. I also have my annual girls Las Vegas trip coming up in July, and we all know that Las Vegas is the quintessential tiny dress & bikini destination. YEAH!!! Can't wait.

And now you! Tell me about your best/worst tapers. Do you love goldfish crackers? What's your snack kryptonite? What's your next race?


  1. I think it's pretty obvious you are definitely in better shape! Congratulations :) It's so easy to miss the improvements because since they're usually so gradual that we don't notice them. Good thing we can look back at pictures! You look great!

    Chips and salsa are my kryptonite. Gah I can't quit those!

  2. I think you look slimmer and much more you found a confidence. :) Bummer about RnR, after Seattle I am not running anything over a 5K until the fall. I am not a fan of running in the warmth that we get. Plus I want my weekends free.

  3. I do agree that you look more cheerful and that is really important! I tapered horribly for a swim meet and it didn't go over well. I'm racing a half marathon this weekend(since yesterday) no taper I guess. ;)

  4. You definitely look trimmer in the most recent photo! Do they really have goldfish crackers? That sounds incredible!

  5. Wow, you definitely can see a difference in your purple sweater. Great job reaching your goals! And when I'm pregnant, I regularly pee myself. The best is a vomit pee combo because people never see that coming.

  6. You have made huge progress in your weight. You look amazing! My next race is Beat the Bridge this Sunday! I am so excited and I hope the weather holds out:)

  7. Goldfish crackers are like crack!

    I love that your son thinks all SPD celebrations are for him! What a fun holiday to share with your birthday!

  8. I never do a true "taper", I'm bad! ...I usually cut back the mileage a little bit and then make sure to rest a few days in advance of a race.

    And you look great in your "after" photo!!

  9. Looking great!
    I always find myself watching Dateline or 20/20 where wives home alone are murdered while my husband is out of town. WHY???