Sunday, April 22, 2012

Champion of the world

I ran 8 miles in the sunshine yesterday, & loved every minute of it! Apparently, I just needed a good pity party to shake things off a bit. :-) I ran 9 today & it was 72 when I started the run. (Note that I live in Seattle & typically run in 40-50 degree weather. I'm in the rainy/cold belt. ;-) We call anything over 70 degrees *Seattle-hot*.) I was drenched. I was only going to do six miles, but convinced myself to finish out the 9. I was tired from yesterday, but I did it! And while I'm sore/tired, I'm in no muscle pain! Life is good.

I took the runs relatively slowly & just focused on enjoying myself & putting in the miles, less on pace & it worked. Yesterday's run totally restored my confidence & I *loved* it.

Other events from the weekend - a trip to the park with my boys, a hilarious first baseball game where my kids didn't have the foggiest clue what to do (8 of 10 practices before the game got rained out). Sam finally connected with the ball, but didn't understand that he had to touch each base as he ran by. Nick scored a run, which shocked everyone. He's the youngest on the team & just turned five. He circled the bases carrying the bat. It was full on hilarious.

I was on the world's biggest endorphin high yesterday. :-) LOVE days like that. We also went to Yogurtland today, and I'm going to convince Michael to take us to pizza when he gets home tonight. I'm finally off solo parenting duty!!!

Also overheard in the car this morning:

Nick (5)- "Sam, in Nick-world, candy is the healthiest food. It's Christmas every day. I own every Pokemon card in the world, and there are tunnels connecting our house with all of our friends."

Sam (6) - Nick, in Sam-world, cucumbers & granola bars are the healthiest food. And we do math quizzes every day, & I am the champion of the world."

It's kind of hard to top the champion of the world. ;-)

The boys at the park this afternoon:


  1. I love the things kids say.

    It got up to 78 here today..HOT

    1. My face got sunburned! I did put sun block on, but I think the sweat took it off. I have a very interesting burn because I was wearing sunglasses. :-)

  2. Mmm, we have Yogurtland out here in CO - can;t get enough of it!

    1. They just opened one in our area, & it's amazing! The coffee flavor is my favorite. YUM. I can tell that this is going to be an addiction. :-)

  3. You'll have to listen to / watch this clip from comedian Brian Regan re: playing in little league, given what you said about your kids game. It is laugh out loud funny :)