Friday, April 20, 2012

Burned out

Ahhhhh, what to say. My right leg has been plaguing me all week. I'm frustrated, and running is no fun right now. My first half marathon ever is three weeks from now, & I'm freaking out a little. I made an appointment with a podiatrist/sports doctor to talk about what's going on and potentially getting new shoes/inserts/whatever. I just want to enjoy running again.

I'm going to focus on five amazing things about Friday, because it is, after all TGIF today. :-)

  1. My baby, asleep in the car on spring break. I freakin' love this picture. Sometimes you just fall asleep with your sunglasses half way down your face, clutching a Pokemon card.

2. This place (Oregon coast). I'm going next weekend for an early Mother's Day trip with my sister & mom, & I'm super excited! Love running at the beach, the wine bar in the tiny little town, & time with the family. Can't wait!

3. I've finally cleaned up my eating a bit. I was in a post-Easter candy fest for a few days there, & starting to feel yucky. I'm doing much better this week.

4. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend! I could really use a little sunshine after the nonstop deluge over the past few days.

5. My boys have their first ever baseball game this weekend. It should be hilarious.

My bonus embarrassing confession - I'm kind of into that new song by Carly Rae (?) - "Call Me, Maybe". I have admittedly poor taste in music.

And, apparently, I wear a lot of coral. I only took two ugly bathroom pictures this week, but they look remarkably similar.

What are you happy about today? Any fun weekend plans? Are you racing?


  1. ahhh I am sorry you're feeling burned out! rest & cross-train...a few days not running should put you right back into the excited zone! :)
    good luck!!

  2. Oh I hope your feet feel better asap! I agree with lizzy, a few rest days should do the trick, or at least that helps me when I'm not feeling 100%.

    Good luck on your FIRST EVER half marathon in three weeks, what a huge accomplishment!!!

  3. Your children are ADORABLE! Also, love your 2nd pink top/blazer thing.

    When I'm feeling burnt out I like to watch an inspirational movie - before my first half we watched "Saint Ralph" on Netflix - really cute about a little boy who wants to run Boston for his mom - I think you might like it :). Also, sometimes I treat myself to a few new playlist songs to get out of a rut. Although, it sounds like your burn out is injury related, so maybe some yoga for a few days in lieu of running!

  4. Oh man, I'm sorry you're having pain! I hope it's easily fixed.

    Your boys are so adorable. :)

  5. deep are going to rock your 1st half...i was worried too but ended up enjoying every second of it. :-) Speedy recovery and sending lots of good mojo your way!

    xoxo from Trinidad