Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Best treadmill run & giveaway results!

Lots to say this week! First up, I had my 11 mile run on Friday, & there was a minor shoe problem. It turns out the my shoes were too small, and after I warmed up & my feet expanded, my toes were bumping against the shoes. Three toes on each foot are bruised, swollen, & so mother freaking painful, it's unbelievable. The good news is that I finally went to a running store & got fitted. They bumped me up a size, and I waited a few days for the swelling to go down. (No running after the crippling 11 miles on Friday).

I ran 5 miles on the treadmill today (without stopping - which is HUGE for me!) & it was like running on cotton candy & sunshine, compared to the pain of Friday. A great workout on the treadmill, people! Life is so dang good! :-)

In other news, my 15K race is next Sunday (the 18th). Can't wait! I'm a super slow runner, so I always hesitate to set time goals. That said, here's what I'm thinking:
  1. Only goal that I really care about - finishing the race.
  2. Second goal - finish in under 1:50. This shouldn't be hard, barring a really horrific run, as I did 11 last week in just under that.
  3. Third goal - finish in under 1:40. Maybe?
  4. Fourth goal, and probably unlikely - finish in under 1:30.
I know, I'm slow. Feel free to giggle at my times. :-)

My nutrition has been . . . okay. Yesterday sucked. There has been a bunch of work drama on both sides (me + Michael) & that always causes me stress. I stuffed my face with a bunch of random crap yesterday, & guess what? It only made me more stressed. I need to find a better stress reliever.

Ugly bathroom photos make their return! I can't get my picture from today to upload, but it's just more of the same - boots, skinny jeans, & a sweater. It was snowing this morning. Groan. :-)

And, I have to recap my fabulous day on Sunday. We've been taking the boys (almost 5, and 6) skiing all season. There were potty accidents (being half way up a lift when someone tells you they have to go potty "urgently" is always fun), tears, days when we paid a boat load of money to ski one run, etc. It's a ton of work to go - all of the gear, the packing, the driving to the mountain, the MONEY. . . :-) But on Sunday, it all paid off. It was a gorgeous, sunny day. The boys were sun burned by the end of the day. And, everyone was on their best behavior. They listened, and my little guy skied a blue run without falling! And then, he skied it again & again. Sam, my six year old, bumped into a school buddy, and pretty soon I see them skiing over jumps & between trees. It was comical. He wanted me to take a video, but I'm sure I would have ended up on the snow if I had tried. Both of my kids are now officially way better & faster skiers than I am. At the beginning of this season, my youngest (Nick) wouldn't even ride the magic carpet or put his skis on, so this is serious progress.

This was the car ride home. :-)

Skiing is tiring for little boys. Check out the rosy cheeks, after a day in the sun.

Christy, at My Dirt Road Anthem, you're the winner! Send me an email at runningikeagirl@gmail.com & I'll get you hooked up. :-)


  1. Yay! What a great thing to come home from work too. i love winning giveaways!

    Your boys do look pretty tuckered out. How can they sleep like that?

    Glad you got fitted for shoes, i used to run in shoes that were to small too. What a difference good fitting shoes make!

  2. I know, I keep trying to push their heads back so they can sleep more comfortably, but they always end up like this. One was snoring & the other was drooling - it was a comical drive home. :-)

    Just got your email with the address, so I'll get your goodies sent out!

  3. Nice job running for 5 miles non stop! Running doesn't come easy for me so I mostly run / walk and rarely just run non stop!

    Your boys are cute as always!

  4. Nice job running for 5 miles non stop! Running doesn't come easy for me so I mostly run / walk and rarely just run non stop!

    Your boys are cute as always!

  5. That post ski pic is hilarious!

    Good luck at your race, you're going to do great!