Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Well, I have lupus

My appointment this morning confirmed it. I'm not shocked at this point, but still trying to figure out my next steps.

The doctor was positive overall. It doesn't look like my kidneys or liver are involved, which is great. Now it's about managing my stress and health to reduce flare ups, and prevent organ damage.

So, no more distance running (ever) & likely no more running for the next few months until my joints are feeling better. I may need to move to low impact activities permanently. Things I wish I had done: run a marathon, run more half marathons, gone on that I could have. Things that I will miss. . . all of it. Sprinting towards the finish line, the stress management of running, and the amazing feeling after a long run. . . when the sweat is dry and your body is tingling, and you are so proud of the effort you put forth. Let's hope I can find a similar "high" through some lower impact activity. :-)

My job is really stressful and demanding, so next up is thinking through how I want to handle that. Lots of lifestyle changes on the way.

Running, I miss you already. :-(


  1. :( noooo. i'm so sorry. on the up side, you will come out of this stronger, i know it. my thoughts and prayers are with you, xoxoxo

  2. So sorry!! Stay strong. I'll be thinking of you and sending you some good thoughts!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It is probably good to have an answer to what's going on and be able to figure out a plan... but I'm sure this won't be easy. Sending hugs!