Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recommend your running tights and reflectors

Yesterday was my rest day, so I'm chomping at the bit to get out there & run again, after my great 12 miler on Sunday.

Here's my workout plan for the week - I'm two weeks out from my half marathon, so this week's mileage is a little lower than last week.

  • Monday - Rest day
  • Tuesday - 4 mile run + arms + pilates (evening)
  • Wednesday - Speed repeats - 6 miles
  • Thursday - Cross training + yoga
  • Friday - 6 miles + arms
  • Saturday - 8 miles
  • Sunday - cross training (skiing)
I have a pair of great Lululemon running tights, but I need a second pair. Can you recommend your favorite running tights? Under $100, and hopefully under $75. Am I too optimistic? :-) I want full length (cutting off just before the ankle).

Also, do you wear reflectors when you run early am/evening? So far I've been running with a headlamp, but on part of the run, I'm running with traffic, and a car wouldn't be able to see me from behind. Recommendations on a reflector? A vest? A shirt with built in reflectors?

Would love any recommendations you have on the tights or reflectors. I'm working on my wish list for Mother's Day. :-)

Have you purchased any new running gear lately? If so, please share! :-)

In completely non-running related news, Michael bought me a bread maker for my birthday, & I've been making bread way too often. It's fabulous. MMMMMMMMMMM, bread! Do you bake?


  1. I have some Asics tights that are really soft, and I love them. They were from a $10 rack at an expo. I also love my Oiselle capris, but I haven't tried their full-length tights. Good luck finding a good pair!

  2. Do you have a Costco membership? I saw Nike running tights there the other week for $45 bucks!! I have a pair of Nike running tights that I've been running in for years and love them!

  3. I found a pair of Nike tights that I love. I'm tall and I found them in tall and couldn't pass them up. They were under 100 dollars at the time.
    Always wear lots of reflective! My favorite vest is the Amphipod Reflective Xinlet Vest. I have one and once it's on it doesn't move and you don't even know its there. If I run before the sun is up I also wear one of those 5 dollar flashing butt lights with my headlight and vest. I don't trust drivers!

    1. I haven't been able to find anything in talls... did you buy men's tights or are they women's?

  4. Vest with reflectors is a must when running in the dark. Be careful out there :)

  5. I'm so cheap... I got my running tights (FILA) at Kohl's with a coupon. They were long enough for me (I'm 6') and so that was a key part of my decision.