Monday, August 27, 2012

Hood to Coast

Oh my, sweet lord. What an adventure! And yes, I'll just skip past the fact that I haven't blogged in months, because I have no excuses, other than just a crazy schedule.

But, Hood to Coast baby. . . it was amazing, and dramatic & awesome.

Here's half of my team (Van 1) at Timberline Lodge, about an hour before our start time.

And, me, right before my leg down Mt. Hood!

Me (in the purple) at the end of the first exchange - just finished pounding down Mt. Hood. . .  Oh, my quads.

We had such a crazy experience - Van 2 broke down, a runner got sick, a huge fire closed one of the roads & one of our runners had to add extra miles to get through the detour, we lost our slap band, got caught in a 3 hour traffic jam on our way to our "sleeping" area (I use that description loosely, given the 2 hours of sleep we got), our last runner got pointed in the wrong direction & ended up adding six extra miles to the finish (with about 50 other runners). . . it was nuts. And, easily one of the best experiences of my life. So, so, so much more to come, but if you ever get a chance to run this relay - DO IT! You will not regret it.

I promise a full recap, plus more regular blogging!


  1. Amazing experience isn't it! I loved every minute of it!

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to read more:)

  3. Oooh, Christy! I want to read your recap as well! I'm still working on mine - it was a crazy week & I'm sorting through all of the details.

  4. This reads just like our experience! There were actually THREE nuun teams, but I was in Van 1 of Team "Night". We dealt with the same fire (extra miles), crazy traffic at the final major exchange and our last runner did the extra 6 miles too. Such an amazing experience - I had no idea you were running so I can't wait to hear more!!! What was your team name - and what time did you guys start???

  5. i would love to do HTC one year! so jealous!

  6. Vanessa - we started at 10:45 - & we were "We've got the runs"! I was in Van 1!!! Wish I would have been a better blogger/reader & known that you were there. I was in Portland hanging with my sister on Thursday night, & drove home from the beach yesterday.

    Are you back? Did you stay in Seaside? So many questions?! :-)

    Where did you end up sleeping on Friday night?

  7. HTC sounds really really fun! I am reading all of the blog posts and seeing what a great experience it really is. Glad you had a good time in spite of all the little bumps in the road.

  8. thanks for stopping by my got a new follower in me now!

    I was runner 1 also!!!!

    crazy first leg!

  9. Relay races are the best and I'm hoping someday I will get to do the Hood to Coast!