Monday, July 18, 2011

Return of the ugly bathroom photos

I know you've missed these gems, so it's back!

Here's my outfit for today. Yes, I cheated & wore sandals. We're having one sunny day this week, so I busted out my sandals. And, not that I don't have sympathy for those of you dealing with the intense heat. . . but this has been the most terrible summer ever in Seattle. Rain. Rain. Cold. Rain. Ick.

  • Lilac sheer top - Express
  • Nude tank top - Loft
  • Amethyst necklace - Tiffany & Co
  • Jeans - Chip & Pepper, circa 2002
  • Sandals - Jeffrey Cambell, Ibiza
I squeezed in an extra workout in preparation of my next (and sadly, last) trip to Las Vegas this summer. Let's just say that my glutes were so sore from my trainer workout on Thursday, that going up & down stairs was ridiculously painful. Ouch. Yesterday I closed the week with 60 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on the bike, & a bunch of stretching/foam rolling.

My eating was great yesterday, until I went out for dinner with the boys. We went to a laser tag/bouncy house party at our gym, and went to the gym cafe afterward. Problem 1 - I let myself get crazy hungry. Problem 2 - I had a huge workout that day. Anyway, I ate my healthy pizza (love this cafe, they publish the nutritional information for their entire menu - awesome!) & after the boys were done, I snacked on their fries, 1/2 a leftover chicken strip, & part of Nick's frozen yogurt. Fail. The scale punished me this morning as a result. Double fail. :-(

  • Breakfast - 2 homemade waffles with 1 tsp butter + fresh berries & coffee
  • Snack - protein smoothie
  • Lunch - peanut butter & jelly sandwich, nectarine, pistachios
  • Snack - berries
  • Dinner - healthy barbecued chicken pizza, followed by french fries, 1/2 a chicken strip, & frozen yogurt
The semi-awesome news is that normally, when I've blown it, I continue to shovel additional food in my face. Last night, as soon as we got home from the gym, I brushed my teeth & put whitening strips on my teeth - a sure fire way to guarantee that I'm not going to be eating anything else. It helped limit the caloric damage. :-)

And, in semi-related running news, yesterday was supposed to be the big 1/2 marathon that I trained months & months for. It was terrible weather (rainy & cold), so I had a lot of sympathy for my fellow runners, but when I was at the gym yesterday, thinking about how it was supposed to be my big day, I was totally & completely jealous of a woman on the treadmill. She put in 8 miles & made it look so entirely effortless. She was speedy, totally in shape, & enjoying her run. My foot is starting to feel better, but it's been so long since I've run, I feel like I'm going to be starting from scratch when I do finally get cleared by the doctor.

What's made you jealous lately?


  1. You looking so cute in those dresses made me a little jealous :) I never have any reason to get to dress up fun like that.

  2. I'm jealous of your cold, rainy weather. How sad is that? :)