Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hot outfits

The hot outfits continue. Particularly annoying because there is a very short sandal/skirt/dress window in Seattle, & I'm unable to partake, due to my awesome shoes. :-)

Me, last week during training. Yes, I cheated and wore flats one of the days.

Navy tank top with small crystal beads - Gap
Sheer white sweater - Loft
Dark jeans - Dojo/Seven
Silver flats - Chinese Laundry/Ross

And today, I'm rocking *new* sneakers. I know, please try to contain your excitement.

Silver & white striped shirt - Nordstrom
Dark jeans - Dojo/Sevens
Black sneakers - New Balance
Tired look - courtesy of the weekend

And, for fun, here's a picture of the boys, after a bouncy house/swimming event.

Yes, Sam styled his own hair. :-)

And, on to the fitness element of this. Yesterday was my rest day, but I had a hardcore, 70 minute pool workout on Friday, a quick cardio workout on Saturday, & 30 minutes on the elliptical + weights on Sunday. Followed by a family bike ride. All in all, I'm on track for my 5/week workouts, which is my goal.

Eating was good, but not excellent. I was highly motivated by my looming vacation (we leave on Thursday), which helped keep me in check despite the holiday weekend. I had dinner with friends on Sunday, and we ate late, which means I'm starving & have less self control than if I eat at my normal, early-bird special time of 5:30. (My kids get hungry at that time, and starving children are like untamed animals.) I did super well yesterday, but then ate some completely unnecessary candy. I wish I would have blown the calories on something more fun, like a homemade strawberry shortcake at our street fair, but I'll survive.

I love reading random trivia on all of your blogs, so here are 10 things you may not know about me.

  1. I'm a Washington (state) native. Except for one brief year of college in California, I've lived here my entire life.
  2. My favorite candy is Starburst. Yummmmmm.
  3. My kids are 13 months & 1 day apart. I found out I was pregnant for the second time on my first day back from my maternity leave. Yes, we were using preventative measures. No, they clearly did not work. My OB was shocked, as were we. :-)
  4. I'm obsessed with salt & pepper pistachios.
  5. We do 95% of all of our grocery shopping at Costco. The average weekly bill is around $100, and a typical list looks like this: spinach, mixed greens, grape tomatoes, roma tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, a melon, apples, pears, mandarins, cucumber, baby carrots, bananas, milk, eggs, and whatever other non-weekly items we're out of. We're produce freaks.
  6. I'm extremely anal & list-oriented. For example, I have a running inventory of both of the kids clothing (how many shirts, shorts, etc) in my purse, along with anything they need (size, color, etc) so I can always be on the lookout for a deal when shopping.
  7. I get pedicures year-round. I try to do it myself, & I'm tragic, so I shell out the money to have it done.
  8. When I went back to work after having kids, I hired someone to help us clean the house. We cut other items out of the budget, and this is the best money we spend.
  9. We have a beach house at the Oregon coast. Going there is incredibly relaxing, and my favorite thing to do.
  10. I played the following sports growing up: soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball, track, softball (one very sad & pathetic season). I grew up in a small town & you could be on any team you wanted. :-) I used to be referred to in my family as "Jack of all trades, master of none" :-)
And now, please share random trivia about yourselves. I love hearing more about you guys!


  1. 1. I am EXTREMELY list oriented as well

    2. I am tragic at giving myself pedicures too, so I splurge once a month and treat myself to one. Good looking toes are important ;)

  2. good for you for getting pedicures year round!! i think that would be something that would make me feel better about myself. Double thumbs up to a housekeeper!! If I was working outside the home that would be the first thing I would do!! If our budget ever expands, I'm likely to have a housekeeper with zero guilt even if I don't work outside the home!! :) My friend and I joke that she would get plastic surgery on her mommy belly if she had the money and I would get a full time housekeeper. ;) HA!

  3. I have a pair of Seven Dojo jeans too - I LOVE them!

    I love lists too and it's the only way I can get everything done. Pedis are a March through October treat for me.

  4. If I had gotten pregnant that quickly, I probably would have cried from being so overwhelmed. You are one tough chica :)

  5. I love lists! I also love learning new things about bloggers, so yay!

  6. Awww your kids are so cute!

  7. I rode thousands of miles and did dozens of bike races before I learned you're not supposed to wear underwear under your bike shorts
    I have been over 200 pounds at 2 different points in my life and, as I am now, under 160 at two points in my life. I won't go near 200 again. Ever.
    I don't eat foods with a lot of sugar in them and I'm addicted to energy bars...specifically Clif Mojo (they should pay me :) )