Friday, September 2, 2011

Final Hurrah

I've been noticeably absent, & I come bearing an explanation. ;-) I re injured my foot recently, & I've been in a bit of a funk about it. It was hard to even think about coming to my "running blog" & pretending to post with any optimism about potential runs or reading about all of your runs & getting inexplicably jealous. I know - I'm lame. I'm working my way through the funk, and I think I'm ready to not be an entirely depressive Debbie Downer. :-)

Things we've been up to over the past few weeks
  • Multiple trips to the beach. Fantastic weather on the Oregon coast (80 degrees!) which is rare & so much fun.
  • Tire blow out on one of the beach trips that involved me + 2 kids stranded on the side of the highway for several hours in an extremely scary area (no room to pull over, not crime-related). I ended up having to climb over my car & pull the kids out of the window, which is how I re injured my foot.
  • Preparing for my big boy's first day of Kindergarten! I'm getting teary just typing this. He starts on Tuesday & I'm anxious & excited at the same time. Nick is going to big kid preschool this year, and I'm crossing my fingers that it goes well. He's not a huge fan of change.
  • A cousins trip to an indoor water park (Great Wolf Lodge). Great times were had by all.
  • A fantastic family beach trip with my immediate family (Michael, parents, sister, nephews) - SUPER fun.
  • A trip to the zoo with my favorite little ladies.
  • A major fall off the monkey bars resulting in a split lip & chipped front tooth
  • My dad in the ICU due to a mountain biking injury. (He's recovering nicely).
I promise to become a more regular blogger again. The summer was crazy getting the boys where they need to go each day for camps, & it cut into my blogging time. But, I'm continuing to try & stay in shape, and keep a positive attitude as I work through my injury.

Here's a photo dump of the summer fun. :-)

Cousins beach trip:

My beach bunnies on a (rare!) sunny day at the coast

The offending monkey bars + two of my best friends kids on a play date:

My grown up boy at his Kindergarten orientation meeting:

Two of my favorite little ladies + Sam at the zoo, in their "explorer" outfits:

My dad, on the beach, two days after leaving the ICU & the day after having his chest tube removed. Dude is hardcore:

We're at the beach this weekend for one final summer hurrah before school starts & the madness of soccer practice, swimming & carpools begins. And, it's supposed to be 82 tomorrow. Beach picnic!

I hope all of you have fabulous Labor Day weekends. :-)


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your injury, that is a major bummer! I'd be in a funk too. Just be easy on yourself. My gf distance is training for her first full (in Vegas) this year & recovering an injury ... she said the best thing is to listen to her body if it hurts she slows down, stops & always ices after each run.
    Hoping for a quick & full mend for you!

  2. I'm bummed to hear you reinjured yourself, but at least you did it in a cool way! :)