Monday, August 1, 2011

All you party rockers in the house. . .

The current favorite song of summer. :-)

The boys have possibly been listening to too much music in the car. Top 5 favorite songs are:
  • Afrojack - Take over control
  • Adele - Rolling in the deep
  • LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
  • Jessie J - It's all about the money
  • Katy Perry - TGIF

And yes, I've been a huge slacker. The boys summer program was moved to a different location, & my commute is now triple the time each way, which has interfered with my blogging time. ;-)

But, in awesome news. . . the doctor thinks I'll be able to slowly start running again (think run/walk combos) in September! I'm thrilled.

In weighty news, I'm up a few pounds after my latest vacation to Las Vegas with the girls. However, it was an epic trip, so I'll deal with the fall out. :-)

Scary bathroom photos are back!
White sheer sweater - Loft
White tank top - Loft
Peach skirt - Forever 21
Sandals - American Eagle
Dorky face - still here

I bought the skirt for a party this weekend - my nephew had a Mario themed birthday party, & I was supposed to be Princess Peach. Of course, it ended up being hot on Saturday, so I wore a sun dress instead. I decided to rock it today, as the sun is actually shining. Summer has finally arrived in Seattle, it seems. :-)

My eating has been pretty good, punctuated by wild days of summer barbecues (umm, Saturday), vacations (lots of champagne & steak). I'm committed to dropping the couple of pounds I've picked up, and hitting my summer goal - I'm about 4.4 pounds away, which seems doable.

More to come, but here a few vacation pictures!
Can you guess which one is my sister?

Running: help me get back in the groove! Any tips for someone starting fresh and/or coming back after a long break?


  1. Shorter one with the darker hair = your sister. You two look just alike. Did I get it right? :-)

    Oh, and that first pic of the three of you - your hair looks FABULOUS!

  2. My advice would be to start slowly and take walking breaks when you need them!

    I really like that peach skirt!

  3. Paula - you're right! That's my sis. :-)

    Thanks - my sister is awesome with hair & kept helping me out.

  4. Kara - thanks. I think it was $14 at Forever 21, so cheap!

  5. More walking than running, for sure. Take it very easy. Better to slowly build and do it right then jump back in and risk injury.

  6. Glad the bathrooms pics are back! You and sis look great all dressed up in Vegas! Glad there is some good news re: running from the doc!

  7. Yay for you being able to start running again in September!

    And such cute vacay photos! : )